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In two experiments with Finnish-speaking young adults, we examined the internal consistency and concurrent validity of the SUS task.It exhibited adequate internal consistency and correlated positively with well-established working memory measures.Moreover, the SUS task also showed positive correlations with verbal episodic memory tasks employing sentences and paragraphs.These results indicate that the SUS task is a promising new task for psycholinguistic studies addressing verbal WM updating.Goal-relevant information maintained in working memory is remarkably robust and resistant to distractions.

In the first experiment, the participants were presented with lists of words, the length of which (4–10 words) was unknown beforehand, and were required to remember the last 4 words in each series.

In Experiment 3, the eb EBR was used to determine what triggers gate switching.

We found that switching to an updating mode (gate opening) was more stimulus driven and retroactive than switching to a maintenance mode, which was more context driven.

Furthermore, we found that poor comprehenders produced a greater number of intrusion errors, particularly when the suppression request was increased.

Effective working memory (WM) functioning depends on the gating process that regulates the balance between maintenance and updating of WM.

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The participants were required to remember a limited, predefined number of the smallest items presented.