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Te X Live is a free distribution of the Te X typesetting system that includes many, many Te X-related programs, fonts and macro packages, including La Te X.Overleaf uses Te X Live on our compile servers to power the real time preview and produce the PDFs for your projects.That hopefully minimises problems with documents that work on Overleaf but not locally or vice versa.When we upgrade Te X Live, we recompile a large test set of documents, including roughly 2,600 from our gallery of templates, examples and articles to check for breaking changes, including both errors and large visual changes to the output.

At Overleaf we aim to run the version of Te X Live that ships with the latest stable release of Ubuntu Linux. The version that ships with Ubuntu is usually a few months old, but it has the advantage of being a consistent snapshot of Te X Live that receives some testing as part of Ubuntu.A quite standard tool used on Mac OS machines to install packages is Homebrew.Homebrew is written in Ruby; it provides an easy to use CLI (Command Line Interface) to deal with install/uninstall processes; it is stable, and does its job reasonably well. – Homebrew is not enough to installing La Te X on a Mac machine, Homebrew Cask is needed: it extends Homebrew just by adding 1 command which allows to a former ‘brew’ to reach 2593 Casks out there.First of all, there are lots of different types of La Te X distributions.To simplify your search here are a couple of simple suggests: There are two parts to a La Te X installation: a La Te X distribution (the compiler) and an editor to write the document in (a text editor of your choice): You can use any text editor you like but there are a couple that were designed for La Te X and have built in La Te X typesetting functionality that is really useful - if you're just starting out I suggest: Te XShop on a Mac and Te Xworks or Texmaker or Te XStudio on Linux, and Mi KTe X or Texmaker on Windows.

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