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We aim to promote equality, confront any form of discrimination and actively promote harmonious relations in all areas of College life.

We seek to remove any barriers to access, participation, progression, attainment and achievement.

I am fully insured and am a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy ( Experience I have experience of working in private practice but also within a youth counselling organisation working with adolescence and also experience of working for a national sexual health charity.

I have a particular interest in working with sexual minority issues and people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender.

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Safeguarding the children in the College’s care is central to the ethos of St Joseph’s and one of the fundamental ways in which the College acts upon the belief that “all are valued” and that each “individual is seen as unique, with infinite potential for growth”.

At times we can all experience life situations and events that feel very overwhelming.

It may create feelings of anger, stress, being unable to cope with everyday situations, feelings of sadness, of being low, frustration or powerlessness.

Connection is made by dialling the telephone number allocated to the relevant location.

The Access to Justice Act, 1999 allows VC to be used for civil hearings, e.g.

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Counselling can be a real opportunity to explore not only the current issues and what is bringing you but also to look at the root causes of your difficulties and to work with any patterns and behaviours that may be unhelpful.

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