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And if this cave man can't get this fact into his extremely roomy skull, then perhaps he should pull what brain matter he has left out of his ass and fast forward his watch about a few thousand years until he wakes up to reality. Jerk: What are your intentions with my daughter You: hehehe... Search NO-Explode and you'll get a million threads of 17-21 year-old dumbass people that ask how to dose it, how to cycle it, how to snort it off of a homo's ass." - (((A^T^R)))Any archaic jack-ass with a big enough mouth to crap out the question "can you take care of my daughter" is exactly the sort of dumb-ass moron who doesn't deserve a straight answer.

"I don't care if it's at the club, at church, whatever." Don't worry…Steve says if a man really wants you, these questions won't scare him off. You be smart."Every man needs to have a plan, Steve says.

These 5 steps for setting a powerful and outrageous intention for love this year are part of my proven Calling in ‘The One’ Process, and you can begin using them immediately! Declare your intention as what shall be so as opposed to what you don’t want any more of.

In other words, rather than saying, “No more emotionally abusive relationships!

And lo and behold, in just a few months, what was once an outrageous intention became a bona fide reality, and the love I had yearned for all those years to no avail, seamlessly and beautifully arrived in my life, as if by magic.

So, as we step into the new year, I encourage you to take these same bold steps toward creating the life and love that you deserve.

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It was outrageous because I had no prospects in sight and a mere eight months to manifest this miracle (after trying for 20 years with no success).

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