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Dating phoneline

It can take up to two minutes for lights to come back on, and then attempt to log back on to the router when you can see a solid 'DSL' light.

You'll need to connect via an Ethernet cable, or connect wirelessly by joining the 'ASUS' wireless signal which should now show when you search for available wireless networks using a laptop, phone or other device.

Follow the instructions in the simple setup guide that came with your router, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t need a new phone line, just connect your router to the phone socket on the day of installation before 8am, following the simple setup guide.

Your Self-Installation Kit includes: To use your fax program, you may need to disconnect your Internet connection and connect your dial-up modem.

If you plan to use the same phone line your High-Speed Internet is on, you will need a filter.

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Please see our cookies policy for further information. Ensure the test is conducted from a device that is physically connected to your router through an Ethernet connection, as Wi Fi-based speed tests are not accurate and cannot be used to acccurately measure speed. Please note that speed test results are affected by the quality of the server, and the site that comes up first may not be the best option.

Our help desk does not support third party software such as fax programs. Read More Restarting/rebooting your router or set-top box will often resolve connectivity problems. After a reboot, if you still need help, contact ...Once the phone line is disconnect, we can get the phone line at your address connected in your name.As the previous occupant at this address has not arranged for the disconnection of their phone service, we need ‘Proof of Occupancy’ (i.e.We recommend this as a last resort, as it will restore everything on the router to the default settings.To do this, carefully use a pin or paperclip to hold the 'reset' button (in a small hole on the side of the router) for 30 seconds or until the power light goes out.

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To assist us to process your order quickly, please add “Proof of Occupancy” and your order number in the subject line of your email.

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