Saved sex chats to read from people Sex chat secure pages

Posted by / 04-Aug-2017 06:53

Saved sex chats to read from people

Simply long press on a single chat or message and continue tapping on multiple ones after that. These messages will be saved as favourites within the chat itself.And if you wish to delete the chat, you can also have the option to keep the starred messages and delete the rest. Mark as unread You can now mark chats as unread so that you can read them later.They can talk about what might happen and talking to them is confidential.

Google has finally released its new chat app after showing it off over the summer.

That will allow the app to read through conversations and try and work out how people talk – it can then use that data to suggest what they might want to say to their friends.

But Google would presumably also be able to use that same data at a future date to target ads at users.

In the middle of my swipe-fest, Tinder intervenes with the electronic equivalent of a chastity belt. It appears I am too promiscuous for the most notorious hook-up app in the land. Even the ones with aggressive amounts of question marks.

Even the ones who don’t know when to use capital letters or the difference between there, their and they’re.

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Twenty-four hours have passed and my ‘swipe slut’ ban has lifted, but I decide to concentrate on the conversations instead.